Golf Club Rebrand

The clients perspective:

Kaizah was asked to provide consulting services to a golf club with an ambition to attract more international golfing visitors.  The golf course is in the top five golf courses in the world and has a history of attracting mid to high range golf tournaments.  The golf club was considering  a variety of improvements from rebranding, a new website, an organisational restructure to developing completely new marketing strategy.  Before undertaking any of these initiatives Kaizah was asked to make an assessment of the business.  


Our solution:

Kaizah undertook an assessment of the business and the current improvement The programme was delivered as four discrete projects, namely:

Warehouse management

Bar coding installed on all items collected allowing for effective tracking of goods from receipt to delivery.
Quayside management

Load cells installed to all lifting equipment providing real time accurate lifting loads for improved invoicing
Transport management

Tablet acquired and App developed for driver to obtain customer electronic signature for acceptance of proof of delivery (POD) of goods.  This significantly reduced paperwork and ensured logistics data was accurate, realtime and right first time 
App developed and smart phones acquired for each driver.  The driver logs in to the app and jobs for the driver for the day are displayed.  Driver accepts each job thought the day.  This reduced paperwork and time to create plans and provided greater flexibility when changes were requested by the customer.
GPS installed to all trucks and trailers to improve efficiency of transport routes and fuel consumption.
Vessel Utilisation

Analysis of all vessel deck space utilisation, the production fields in the North Sea and the vessel transport routes.  The aim was to drive greater efficiency and maximise utilisation of vessels. The result was savings to customers from sharing vessels and routes amounting to multi million pounds per annum.

This project has benefits for other logistics companies operating in Oil and Gas as well as the transport project having specific benefits to other companies who have a fleet of vans i.e. Facility Management companies, services companies etc

 Breakthrough results:

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