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The clients perspective

A safety eduction charity educating schools, communities and businesses in the awareness of safety. The charity employed a new Marketing Manager to focus on growing the social enterprise arm of the charity and wanted to have a structured leadership skills development approach and a plan to develop new key skills in business development.   Kaizah was approached to provide career path development and leadership development support.

Our solution:

Kaizah conducted a skills assessment in alignment with the social enterprise strategy on both the role and individual being coached. This led to the creation of a focussed development plan and a series of structured coaching sessions. The coaching sessions focussed the pupil on their capacity to accurately scan and assess their internal and external environments, gather data, and make sense of that data in order to heighten their awareness, expand their choices, and take confident and productive action both in the workplace and when engaging with clients.  We strived to create the environment of 'coaching in the moment' as a teaching point as this creates a culture of constant learning.

Break through results:

The awareness of self and surroundings with the increase in confidence has reaped rewards not only for the pupil but for the charity. The increase in customer engagement and relationship building has led to a greater awareness of the charity in the community and corportate world. A number high value opportunities having been won by the pupil for the charity to deliver safety awareness to corporate organisations. The pupil has successfully delivered Social Enterprise business growth. The work won has seen the charity deliver safety education as corporate team building days to some of the largest companies in Oil and Gas. Delivered in a fun and engaging manner both in the UK and overseas with repeat business following on. A new revenue stream proving to be successful by developing people.



I met Kaizah following my appointment. Upon meeting Wayne the owner, i knew his experience and expertise would be extremely helpful in my career, especially during my tenure at my new employer.

Wayne’s skills lie in his ability to see the bigger picture and strategise any situation. Wayne has provided top business development tips, and has even helped me manage my time more effectively for the good of the company.

Wayne encourages me to make attainable short term objectives that will eventually help meet my long term goals. Our sessions are structured, ensuring that our time is spent working together to realise my ambitions and how i am going to get there.

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