Strategy Development for Growth

Strategy Development for Growth



The clients perspective:

A Safety Education Charity in Aberdeen had a vision to create a social enterprise arm to create an additional income stream.  Kaizah was asked to work with the charity to support the development of the social enterprise strategy and execution plan.  

Our solution:

Kaizah firstly conducted reviews with staff and undertook a review of all the elements within the charity that could generate additional revenue.  It became clear very quickly that the charity has a range of safety sets and presentations that could be provided to corporate organisation.  Working in conjunction with the CEO, Kaizah created a short, mid and long term strategy.  Kaizah then facilitated the creation of an execution plan with staff including a list prioritised target clients, a programme to take to clients that included team building.  The safety sets were organised seasonally with winter driving and fire safety planned to  

The It was also recommended that the marketing manager would be appointed to focus on the delivery of  and After a great deal of discussion and meeting with Emma Bellu CEO at Absafe we developed a strategy that was aligned to the recent UK Government 'Help Great Britain Work Well'.  A list of corporate safety training services offered by Absafe, a plan of action including seasonality training programmes and a list of sought after corporate clients.


Development of relevant (additional) Corporate training products prioritised to short, medium and long term roll out;  

Aligned all of the Absafe training products to deliver the UK Governments HSE guideline 'Helping GB Work Well';

Development and delivery of aligned communications strategy.


Break through results:

  he programme was delivered as four discrete projects, namely:



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